The learning of a skill or fact is most effective when it can be used in a real-world setting. Many people are aware of this trick, but an issue can be having that knowledge at hand and being able to apply it at the time of need.

Let’s look at an example of a car salesperson on the floor.

In a traditional eLearning world, they spent some time reviewing courses on features and price points of a specific model. They read, clicked through, and completed the training. The next day, a potential customer come in and asks about one of those specific features. Since they just read about it yesterday, they have some recall of it, but they don’t feel 100%. Do they have time to jump back into that eLearning course and find the information they read about yesterday? Probably not. Do they walk away and review scan through product literature to find the answer? That’s taking away time from the customer and doesn’t inspire confidence.

Enter FLIP in the same situation. They’ve started the day reviewing FLIP on their desktop, and read about features and pricing. This time, while reviewing, they’ve created their own custom deck with a list of features that are new to them. When their customer comes in and asks about those features, rather than guessing or panicking and having to review sell sheets, they the custom deck on their phone, and provide a rock solid answer to the question. But wait! A question about a different model comes up. The salesperson knows they read about it, but doesn’t have an active recall of it yet. A jump to FLIP’s AI powered search and the answer appears, a quick answer without ever having to leave the sales floor.

There you have it, a closed sale with the real addition of taking learning and applying it, creating a stronger connection to that knowledge. The next time that feature comes up, there’s a good chance they won’t even need to consult FLIP to give the answer, but if they do, the answers are available in the palm of their hand.

The concept putting knowledge to work isn’t limited to sales either. It can be applied across any business ranging from coaching to working on heavy machinery. Want to transform your learning content to the next level with the ability to easily apply it to real life? Schedule a demo and the FLIP team make your knowledge work!

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