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Better Learning with a Distributed Workforce

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Out of necessity, many companies have moved to remote work over the past year. This has been a major and quick shift, but it’s important to know that remote learning has been growing in popularity and now, more than ever is the time to take advantage of it. There are two major hurdles that you may run into when educating and upskilling a distributed workforce, lack of personalization and a reliance on traditional, long form training.

Personalization Matters

When learning is personalized it creates better results for both the learner and the organization, but with many teams the distribution process is simply sending content via email and many companies will take a “Send All” or “Send Nothing” approach. This method completely bypasses individual needs or goals and can lead to learners simply clicking through to check off the boxes and not absorbing the information and once they are done, they have no where to go next. FLIP’s distribution capabilities are ideal for organizations to deliver content in a personalized, engaging, and measurable way. Users have access across all of their devices with content that can be tailored to their role, interests, or goals. Content creators can review progress to gain insights into what users want and receive feedback in real-time to improve their courses as well.

Micro-content, Macro Results

Long form training is expensive, time consuming, and right now, classroom based training is almost impossible. It can also lead to information overload. When a training spans multiple hours, the attendees can be overwhelmed and only take in so much in one sitting. Enter micro-learning. By breaking lessons into smaller chunks, your audience can review piece by piece, giving time for the information to absorb. An additional benefit of breaking away from traditional training sessions is the ability for users to learn at their own pace and on their own schedule. When a user wants to learn, they are more apt to retain the information for the long term. Since FLIP is a cross-platform app, they can access it on the go, at their desk, or anywhere in-between on their own schedule and when they need to check-in on that information again, it’s available in just a few taps or clicks.

With FLIP, your training is easily distributed to the correct people, anytime, anywhere. You can be create micro-content that is interactive and interesting quickly and efficiently. This allows you to make sure your employees are learning, allows for quick feedback, and to see where your content can be improved so that your training is not only the best it can be, it’s the best for each individual learner.

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