What sets FLIP apart? Our unbeatable ease of use and the limitless possibilities. With our user-friendly interface and extensive features, learning becomes a breeze, and the possibilities for growth become boundless.

FLIP is the learning solution that provides usable data on user activity, knowledge, and performance – all of which can be tied to business results.

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Ignite Performance

FLIP provides on-the-job knowledge exactly at the time of need. Whether working to close a sale, help a customer, or solve a problem, FLIP delivers exactly what is needed in the moments that matter most.
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Improve the Employee Experience

Quickly review & complete learning via FLIP’s user-friendly interface on any device. FLIP fits anywhere as a stand-alone app or as an add-on to existing learning systems, allowing employees to learn anytime, anywhere.
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Save Time

Accelerate users’ ability to access & consume learning while saving time building, publishing, & updating content with our straightforward authoring tools. FLIP’s powerful reporting shortens the time needed to analyze user & content performance.
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Save Money

FLIP empowers organizations to design & build their content, eliminating 3rd parties to create courses. Combining this with increased productivity & quicker testing times translates into a measurable ROI.

Easy to Implement

Using FLIP does not require an extensive investment of time or money. Our team can fully stand-up & execute an end-to-end trial of FLIP in 3 – 4 weeks with no coding or IT support. This pilot program is a startup package of content for a focus group of users designed to get feedback on the experience.

Agile Pricing & Services

Our team is equipped to handle projects of any size or scope. We can own all aspects of the implementation – including content development, reporting, training, & support or we can enable our clients to take the lead.

Our Partners

FLIP is the preferred Digital Solution Partner with several established firms in the Learning & Development space, allowing us to enable creation & delivery of a fully integrated set of learning & development services.

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