Flash Cards: The “Old Standard” for a Reason


When you set out to learn something, the reality is that long and tedious lessons won’t always work. Long lessons are tricky for today’s busy learners and it’s easy to forget items. That’s why many learning programs blend cutting edge standards and practices with the tried and true methods that learners come back to. That’s why FLIP embraced the flash card as a “traditional framework” on which we could a build a modern learning solution. 

Bite Sized Information

Instead of offering you all the information at once, flash cards are designed with the idea of making things simple and convenient. They help to make each item compelling and succinct, and the adaptability they provide learners to engage studying specific collections of information on the fly is unmatched. The more our team explored flash cards as a possible solution, the more we realized nearly any topic could be broken up to use the flash card method. 

Easier to Play and Learn

With flash cards you can also help entertain the learner with a sense of play as they engage the material. The “recall/reward” mechanic keeps the learner engaged. The information is very easy to understand, and you can visually enhance the flash cards to further improve learner engagement with creative, captivating content. It is certainly the best of both worlds, offering you a great method to “trick” your brain into having fun during required learning. 

Portable and Inexpensive

Creating flash cards is very simple, you can easily do that at home. We approached our digital flash cards in a similar way; they are easy to create, and the course creator can focus more on the learning goals rather than the mechanics of the learning tools. And just like traditional Flash Cards, you can also carry FLIP decks everywhere you go.  

Engage Active Recall

Since the information is presented in smaller bits, you get the option to learn faster. And because it’s not a lot of information, you brain can quickly sort and remember stuff a lot easier. 

Is it possible to use Flash Cards in order to improve how your company’s team learns and acquires new skills? Absolutely, this is the one of the best ways to acquire new skills or even update existing ones. It’s the best of both worlds because it uses convenient, exciting learning methods while still offering all the information you need in a compact format. Give some of our decks a quick FLIP and see if you feel the same! 

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