Announcing FLIP Version 2.0

App Updates

We’ve just released FLIP version 2.0, our biggest update ever!

Updates to the App

New Bottom Navigation A brand new navigation structure allowing quick access between your library, your home page and search right at the reach of your thumb. All New Home Screen Rotating promo banners can call out new content, features or make company wide announcements. Quick access decks keep new and popular information front and center. Library Page With the flexibility of the new library page, you can organize your content in a single bookcase or create multiple bookcases under a collection. Go one level higher and have multiple collections in a channel. Need even more organization? We can accommodate multiple channels!

New Card Types

Likert Card Create a card that utilizes a Likert scale to test or gather feedback from your user base. Section Index Card An Index card marks sections of a Deck that users can click as a quick access button saving time and scrolling.

Updates to the Admin

Library Builder Enhances the Admins ability to create and structure content through a visual builder that emulates the content in the app. Admin Permission Levels Two new levels of permissions have been added, bookcase level and collection level. Create levels of access for admins based on content organization. Promo Banner Creation Want to get your users attention? Add a promo banner, which will appear at the top of the user’s app and is clickable – link it to any content in or outside of the app! Section Index Ability Create sections within Decks and an Index card to allow users to jump to specific sections Points Based Deck Admins can assign points to different question answers and users collect points as they move through the content. Trigger content based on point accumulation to give each user a custom experience based on skill level or other criteria. Card Shuffle Choose to shuffle the cards within a deck so that they appear in a random order for each user. Additional Assessment Deck Functions (Remediation control, retake control) Limit your learners attempts in taking an assessment, provide the information again at a date of your choosing. Customize your assessment by automatically launching questions on a date of your choosing.

Want to know more about our new features?

If you would like to schedule a demo of any new features or discuss how FLIP can help your organization fully utilize these incredible new features, reach out to Chris Wilson ( and we will be happy to assist!

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