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Enabling Your Employees’ Growth Through Learning

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You want an employee to be invested in their job and the company’s success, so you have to invest in them. Giving workers at every level options to learn new skills shows support for their growth and value as team members. Here are some steps leaders can take to start the road to employee growth via eLearning.

Provide a Platform

To create a culture of learning, there has to be a powerful tool to offer a variety of interactions and learning types as well as enjoyable and straightforward to use. FLIP is an excellent option for companies of all sizes with its multiple integrations and easy-to-use content creation. Users can also access the platform on any device, allowing them to learn on their terms, and the flashcard interface has virtually no learning curve. A content creator can build and distribute their first course in only a few hours versus other software that can take days to learn and years to master.

Give Options

You can’t read an employee’s mind, so giving different learning options is in your best interest. Someone in biz dev might be interested in app development, and someone in sales might want to master Excel. Creating different learning paths with a mixture of soft and hard skills will draw users in and ensure they engage with the business. Use the subject matter experts within your business to build courses and share knowledge to avoid creating information silos.

Show That The Business Cares

Celebrate victories at all levels. Feature employee success and growth stories on your website and social media accounts. Sponsor competitions to create friendly rivalry and have coworkers push each other to be better. Showing an active interest in learning even when the direct outcome might not be job-related will generate the growth environment that will help a business prosper.

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