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Bite-sized Learning in a Flash


When you hear the term eLearning, you may think of clunky presentations that require viewers to be tied to their laptops for an extended period. eLearning is a useful tool for businesses and organizations to address so many needs: from onboarding processes to training programs to the delivery of industry or job-specific education. While longer training sessions may sometimes be necessary – and in-person training sessions have value – most of the time important information can be broken down into smaller, more manageable lessons.

Not only are these micro-lessons valuable for conveying important information, but you should also consider that this type of learning offers flexibility to your employees so they can manage their time most effectively and a budget-friendly to your organization to make the best use of your financial resources.

What is micro-learning?

A review of literature about micro-learning published in the peer-reviewed Cureus Journal of Medical Science defines micro-learning as “relatively small, focused learning units consisting of condensed learning activities (usually one to 10 minutes), available on multiple devices”: “a learner-centric approach that provides just-in-time training that is available on multiple devices.” eLearning Industry notes the “one key characteristic” that all micro-learning tools share is “brevity.”

Some may think the main benefit of presenting information in bite-sized chunks or bursts is time optimization. This is definitely a key component; however, another important benefit is that micro-learning makes it easier to retain information.

Micro-learning itself is not new. Technology has afforded a new way for micro-learning to be used.

If you ever used flashcards to review key concepts for a test when you were in school, then you are familiar with the concept. That’s what FLIP builds on. Flashcards have been a proven learning method for decades, engaging active recall and metacognition which improve both memory and confidence in knowledge. And because flashcards present small bites of information, users can go over the same information several times. This repetition improves recall.

Why FLIP flashcards?

If your organization wants to provide training in a way that not only engages your team but also increases knowledge retention and, thus, improves performance, then FLIP is the alternative you have been looking for.

  • Just-in-time content about any topic customized to fit your needs
  • Can include certification credentials
  • Easy and fast to create and use
  • Can be updated and personalized
  • Can connect to your existing systems, such as a Learning Management System

FLIP is effective because it allows participants to access and consume learning in a fast, efficient way. Contact us for more information about how you can leverage this eLearning platform for your organization.

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