xAPI: How “the new learning standard” is reshaping eLearning?


As our society grows and technology improves, the way we learn is constantly evolving and adapting with it. Enter the Experience API (or xAPI) – a new coding specification for learning technology that makes it possible to collect data about the wide range of experiences a person has (online and offline). xAPI allows learning programs to acquire consistent data and retain the same format. It can be adapted to multiple technologies, and all the various systems can easily communicate by sharing and capturing the activity stream, all thanks to the dedicated xAPI vocabulary.  

Why are teams adopting xAPI?

Thanks to xAPI you don’t have to worry about disruption. Replacing the much less specified SCORM standard (that was never built for learning first and had a much narrower scope of data it could manage), xAPI is faster and brings a lot more convenience. Companies can better understand learning and its impact. It’s designed to still deliver all the value and information while connecting with traditional learning systems every time. 

It also removes the limitations that regular learning solutions have. It’s engaging, it can be scaled, and it introduces social learning. It also relies on mobile and the aforementioned social features to make learning more comprehensive and extremely convenient every time. 

And with a universal language powering it, xAPI has the potential to integrate with many learning systems. It’s faster and cheaper to do this and it has the potential to work in a very complete and discreet manner. It also includes data migration from older systems, so you’re not losing anything when you make the switch; instead you have an unified, forward thinking learning solutions for your company! 

Extraordinary Learning Systems

Thanks to xAPI you can easily take learning and development to a new level. Your team will learn in a more efficient way and tracking as well as learning new things can really push the boundaries and make things work. To make things even better, it helps provide a much better insight into the learning process through robust tracking and reporting capabilities. 

When FLIP selected xAPI as the framework for its learning application, we were confident it would help learners and their administrators take the experience to the next level. It offers a very comprehensive, complete learning method that you can use in order to push results. We recommend you give an xAPI system a shot if you want to access the next-level benefits provided by professional learning solutions. It’s one of the best ways to improve the way you train your team, and this can translate into a faster, better business process and more profits! 

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