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Saving Time = Saving Money with Microlearning & FLIP

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Time is a scarce resource for employees, and traditional training methods can be a significant drain on productivity and resources. But what if there was a way to optimize training, increase productivity, and, ultimately, reduce costs? Microlearning offers a solution, and FLIP is leading the charge.

The Cost of Time

Traditional classroom training requires employees to take time off from work, travel to a training location, and spend hours sitting in a classroom. Long-form training courses lock employees to their deck, mindlessly flipping through pages. This results in lost work hours and disengaged learners, costing companies valuable time and money. Conversely, microlearning allows employees to learn at their own pace, anytime, anywhere, reducing the need for travel and lost work hours. It’s a smart and practical choice for your company.

Calculating Cost Savings

To calculate the cost savings from time savings, consider the following:

Time Spent Learning: Calculate employees’ hours spent on traditional training and multiply it by their hourly wage. Studies have shown that micro-content can equate to up to 22% faster completion.

Travel Expenses: Calculate the cost of travel, accommodation, and food for employees attending traditional training.

Productivity: Calculate the increase in productivity due to eLearning and multiply it by the hourly wage.

Knowledge Retention: Consider the time saved by increasing knowledge retention, reducing the need for repeated training, and allowing employees to quickly review material when a knowledge gap arises. Microlearning has shown up to 20% better retention.

FLIP: The Solution for Employee Knowledge

With FLIP, employees can embark on a journey of learning in short, focused bursts, unlocking their potential and boosting productivity. FLIP can save lost work hours by providing flexibility, personalization, and scalability while offering analytics and insights to track progress and calculate savings.

Saving Time, Saving Money

By adopting micro-content and leveraging FLIP, companies can optimize training, reduce costs, and increase productivity. Using the FLIP analytics suite and a little math, companies can see the actual value of eLearning and make informed decisions about their training strategies. It’s a reassurance of the tangible benefits you can expect from your investment in microlearning and FLIP.

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