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Moving from TinyCards to FLIP

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TinyCards is shutting down on September 1, 2020. This probably came as quite a shock to its many users, but they should not fret! FLIP is here to fill the flashcard shaped hole in your heart, and the FLIP team will help you make a smooth transition.   TinyCards was an app built by Duolingo based on the popular flashcard format and used as the method by many for a variety of different subjects to study. Users could build custom content, create quizzes, and distribute it to others. It was great for quick learning sessions on the go, and now that it’s shutting down, many users will be left in the dust, but we have good news! FLIP is ready to take the reins. Not only do we offer the flashcard format on your phone, tablet, and computer, we have even more advanced features that are perfect for individual learners, teachers, teams, and corporate environments.   If you’re looking for a quick transition, FLIP has the flashcard format mastered. Cards, quizzes, and knowledge checks can be built and distributed using our powerful no-code, WYSIWYG editor. Cards can hold images, videos, audio, and more for learners to check out and be bolstered with extra resources for external deep dives. Our powerful search tool with AI-based keyword tagging makes the content that learners need accessible in a pinch, but that’s just the beginning of what FLIP can do.
Want to take learners on a custom trip based on their responses or quiz scores? Use the FLIP’s trigger system to create individual learning paths. 
Is exciting new content rolling out? Send a push notification or email to announce what’s new and bring users back for more. 
Want to understand how users are learning and consuming your content? Check out our advanced analytics and reporting to go from a macro to a micro view across the whole platform.
Need to understand what users think when it comes to your content? FLIP has feedback options built in to make sure that your content is what users are wanting. 
We understand that moving to a new platform can be intimidating. We are here to help. Need a micro-learning flashcard platform? Schedule a demo, and we will show you everything that FLIP can do for you!

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