DevLearn 2017 Recap!


It’s official… has launched its fun, interactive mobile learning tool at DevLearn 2017! The team kicked things off by setting up their interactive exhibit for the Expo in order to showcase the tool’s awesomeness! While part of team set up the FLIP booth for the exhibit, our Co-Founder and Director of Innovations, Zac Ball, was competing in DevLearn’s Hyperdrive. Hyperdrive, which is a fast-paced, judged competition, allows selected contestants to compete for an opportunity to showcase their project at an event session. This year’s 12 contestants had 10-minutes to give an elevator pitch, “Shark Tank” style, to a panel of industry experts who judged them on creativity, the learning and performance challenges that their project solved, and on the technology(s) they used to solve those challenges. Competition was fierce, and while we didn’t win this year – FLIP will be back again next year to take on all challengers!

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