5 Benefits of taking on challenges and learning new skills


Taking on challenges and a mindset toward life-long learning can have numerous benefits for people. In this blog, we’ll dig into this further and provide you with a list of some of the perks.

1. Stimulates the brain

You’ve heard the term “use it or lose it.” Well, “research on brain health tells us that adults who problem solve and learn new skills are engaging in behaviors shown to protect against dementia and memory loss.” While this may not stop dementia from onsetting, it’s possible that it can postpone it.

2. Helps people climb the career ladder

Learning new skills can help people become more knowledgeable, which can allow them to grow and advance in their careers.

3. Increases confidence

When people face and overcome challenges, it can increase their confidence. They’ll be more educated on the subject matter. They’ll feel better about themselves and more informed.

4. Provides meaning in life

As people take on more challenges and learn new skills, it gives them more purpose in their lives. Basically, it helps people feel like they have a reason for waking up every day.

5. It allows people to really enjoy their downtime.

When people don’t have a lot of challenges in their lives, they can get bored. Even their time for relaxation can feel stale. But when people are investing time into learning new skills and taking on challenges, they appreciate their relaxation and vacation time tenfold. It allows them to really enjoy those moments without boredom seeping in.

These are just five of the benefits of challenging oneself and learning new skills. But, we’re sure there are plenty more. Overall, when you push yourself a little, it helps you grow and develop. It doesn’t matter how fast you learn new things, but rather that you keep moving forward. Like this quote by Confucius says, “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”

People should commit to taking on new challenges at their pace and threshold. In fact, too much of a challenge is not a good thing. It can actually lead to a person feeling overwhelmed, which can cause someone to give up or burn out. That’s one of the benefits of micro-learning. People can challenge themselves and learn at their pace in bite-sized portions. It allows them to grow at the speed that works for them without overworking the brain.

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