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3 Reports to Improve Your FLIP Courses

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Creating and optimizing an effective learning course can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be guesswork. By accessing FLIP’s analytics data, admins and content creators can get the upper hand to improve content overtime based on feedback and real data. Below are three reports to glean information on what users are looking for, learning, or struggling with. A proper review will allow you to improve the learning experience and increase engagement.

Positive/Negative Ratings

Using the text editor, you can create an interactive section on a card to ask users a question and receive a yes/no or thumbs up/thumbs down answer. Asking something as simple as “Is this card or deck helpful?” can be a great way to engage users as well as determine sentiment. You will know that the info needs a rework if you run into too many negative responses, or if it’s overwhelmingly positive, use the content as inspiration for additional learning inspiration.

To access the ratings, go to Reporting > Other Reports > Card Ratings in the admin. On this page, you will see a list of the highest-rated and lowest-rated cards. Note that you have to have added the feedback section to get these responses.

Top Search Terms

Search is a powerful tool within FLIP, and knowing what users are searching for can give great insights into what they are interested in or what is missing. See a lot of searches for a particular topic? Look through your content and see if that information is absent or lacking. If the information is there, consider expanding to help your users gain more knowledge on a popular topic.

To view the top searches for your organization, log into the admin, go to Reporting > Dashboard and click the “Content” tab.

Assessment Results

Using an assessment is one of the best ways to have learners engage and get a gauge on their knowledge retention. With a variety of card types for questions, FLIP excels at offering assessments. It’s important to review the results of an assessment and determine if your learning content is delivering the information that is needed. If there are too many attempts or too many fails, it’s time to reassess your courses and the quizzes related to them. Continous improvement is the key to success with FLIP.

To view assessment results, go to Reporting > Dashboard and click the “Assessment” tab to get an overview of all the assessments in your organization. To view an individual assessment, go to Reporting > Other Reports > Assessment Reports and choose your assessment to get a deep dive on results and individual answers.

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