FLIP Features

The FLIP app gives users an intuitive platform for on-demand info. The powerful admin allows for the easy building of compelling content that can be quickly distributed.


Mobile Optimized

Our platform is optimized for any and all devices.


The flashcard presents information in a micro format.

Trainings, Assessments, Certifications, & CPE

Connect to your LMS and give your employees the ability to get certified on their own time.

Knowledge Checks

Present questions throughout your content and drive deeper knowledge to re-enforce the learning.

Sales Enablement

Provide your employees easily digestible, pertinent information they can use at the time of need.

AI Search Capabilities

Easily find the exact information needed; our platform utilizes AI to tag all content.

Content Sharing

With content or QR codes, content can be shared between team members.

User Content Curation

Users can curate their own decks and cards for on-demand use.

In-App Feedback

Garner insight from your employees and team members to improve learning.

Learning Paths

Provide specific learning materials to different individuals by building unique journeys.

Gamification & Leaderboards

Create excitement and frequent visits with games and leaderboards.

Any Form of Content

Images, audio, video, files, websites, AR/VR, and more.


Advanced Analytics & Reporting

View advanced analytics and download robust reports to see content usage & gauge your ROI.

Content Creation & Distribution by Group

Create content with no programming knowledge & quickly distribute it to users & groups.

Notifications & Alerts

Keep your employees up to date & informed with notifications & emails.

AI Content Tagging

Content is automatically tagged by AI to assist users in getting content quickly & accurately.

Users & Admin Setup

Our admin platform allows you to set up users and assign them content with just a few clicks.

Branding Integration

Insert your companies branded fonts, icons, colors, & logo for a true white labeled experience.

Card Templates

Save time & create unique interactivities using pre-built card templates.

Marketing & Promo Banners

Alerts users to new information & updates with in-app promotion.


SCORM 1.2 & xAPI

Supports SCORM 1.2 & xAPI interoperability for easy integration.

LMS Integration

Connect FLIP to your LMS to expand your learning platforms.


Download the app from the Google Play Store. Supports v4.2 & SDK v16 & Newer.


Download the app from the Apple App Store. Supports iOS 9.4 & newer.


Edge, Chrome, Safari, and FireFox for the previous two published versions.

Offline Support

Works without an internet connection to allow users to learn anywhere.

Single Sign-On Integration

Integrate your SSO system to streamline learning for your users.

Web Crawler

Turn any webpage into cards, automatically.

Veracode Certified Security

FLIP code is tested and certified by Veracode.

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