New Features and Cards

App Updates

FLIP is in the business of creating and releasing revolutionary App updates that make training, development, and compliance both engaging and more accessible to deploy. Below is a list of new features and card types that have been implemented to enhance all learning experiences.  


  1. Add content code – All you have to do is scan a QR Code or enter a key word and the appropriate content gets added to your Apps Library. This quick and easy to use feature makes an admins life simple by allowing them to deploy content to one or thousands of people in an instant. Try it out:
  2. Thumbs up thumbs down – This feature gives power to the users by allowing them to rate individual cards. The rating, positive or negative, is sent to the organizations’ admin so that they can have immediate feedback as to what content is helpful and which is not. This feature ensures the best material is delivered and available at all times.

Card Types

  1. Feedback Card – A card that provides an open field for the Learner to share a “written” response (viewpoint) to a question.
  2. Order Up Card – Have users put a set of choices in a specific order to gather feedback from users.
  3. This or That Card – The front of the card allows the designer to present a topic for comparison, e.g., “this or that”, “do or don’t”. The learner must choose from two options offered.
  4. Question Card – Create fun knowledge checks, assessments, and surveys with the question card template. Knowledge check questions include the ability to provide remediation statements. Multiple choice and true/false questions are available to the designer.
FLIP will continue its mission to provide cutting edge features and cards to give the most engaging and easy to use learning, development, and compliance tool on the market today!

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