Future Proofing Learning

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Easy Integration for an Easy Upgrade

Seamless integration with your existing LMS or LRS is a cinch. FLIP supports the xAPI interoperability specification which allows any organization to create, deliver and track learning and performance data to and from the FLIP system. Not on xAPI yet? No worries, FLIP offers custom engineering support to integrate with almost any legacy framework.

App Features

Mobile Optimized

The FLIP platform was designed with mobile in mind. We know that today’s users are more mobile dependent than ever. So we have designed our platform to be optimized for any and all devices.


Our flashcard mandates that the information being delivered be in micro form.

Trainings, Assessments, Certifications & CPE

Connect to your LMS and give your employees the ability to get certified on their own time.

Knowledge Checks

Pepper in questions throughout your content and drive deeper knowledge to re-enforce the learning.

Sales Enablement

Provide your employees easily digestible pertinent information they can share with customers at the time of need.

Search Capabilities

Users can easily find the exact information they need; our platform utilizes AI to tag all content.

Content Sharing

With content codes and QR code, content can be shared between team members.

User Content Curation

With our patented features, your employees can curate their own decks for later use.

Live Discussion

Team members can communicate with each other live and stay connected.


Garner insight from your employees and team members.

Learning Paths & Journeys

Provide specific learning materials to different individuals by building unique journeys they can take.

Announcement Space

Advertise new content within the platform or anything outside the platform.

Admin Features

Data & Reporting

View and download robust reports on how your content is being utilized by your users and gage your ROI.

Content Creation & Distribution

No programming required! Easily create content with our Card templates, AI tagging, indexing, dark mode & file integration.

Notifications & Alerts

Keep your employees up to date and informed with notifications and emails. You have the options to send to an individual user or a specified group of users.

User & Admin Set Up

Our admin platform allows you to set up users and assign them content with just a few clicks. You can also set up other admin and specify their access permissions if need be.

Branding Integration

Insert your companies branded fonts, icons, colors and logo for a true white label experience.

Learning Path Builder

With our points-based decks or triggers you can create specific learning paths for your users.

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